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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


in cooperation with Salt and Light Ventures, Inc.

30 April 2009 | 8:30am - 5:00pm | Dusit Thani Manila, Philippines
Jack Canfield, best-selling author of "The Success Principles" and "KEY to Living the Law of Attraction" is back in Manila! ITD Consulting, together with Salt and Light Ventures, Inc. are excited to bring you a power-packed seminar on achieving organizational success!

On April 30, 2009, be among the select executives who will discover how to build competence, resilience and how the Law of Attraction will help you achieve better results in the goals or plans you have for your organization!

You and your company will gain these 6 Benefits... and more when you attend this seminar:
1. Discover the Law of Attraction and how it is applied in an organization to achieve top results.
2. Find out how to go past your limits and how to deal with negative influences in your life.
3. Learn how to set powerful goals and how to unleash the amazing power of visualization to meet goals faster and easier.
4. Learn the 4 new success habits that can change your life the fastest
5. Discover "The Rule of 5" in creating powerful achievements.
6. Apply the 10-step Law of Attraction for you and your team.

Save P2,000 when you send in your reservation before April 24, 2009. Special discounts apply when you sign up as a group. We invite you to scroll down the email invite for more information about the seminar.

And there's more! If you are one of the first 150 participants to sign up, you will get the following for FREE:
· The Success Principles 30-day Audio Program - Asia Edition (worth PHP 7,000)
· One Full Scholarship to The Success Principles for Students to be conducted by Dr. Peter Chee on June 6 at Dusit Thani Hotel (worth PHP 13,600)

See you there!

Serely Alcaraz
Center Head Learning and Development
ITD Consulting Group, Inc.

Ella Publico
OIC & Project Director
Salt and Light Ventures, Inc.

P.s. Sign up now and discover how to achieve organizational success! For more information, call us at 8302191 and ask for Juliet, Fina, or Nicole. You may also email us at slvguru@pldtdsl.net.

*Registration starts at 7:30am

This program will enable you to build resilience and competencies to ensure sustainable growth and organizational success even in the most challenging and turbulent times.

Session 1
1. Understanding the Secret Law of Attraction and how it works universally
2. Creating the habit of focusing, thinking, feeling and taking action on what you want and getting more of it
3. The key to living the Law of Attraction for peak performance and organizational success
4. Building and eliciting 100% responsibility from yourself and your team to determine the reaction and outcome you want
5. The building blocks of high self esteem and maximum confidence

Session 2
1. Getting past your limiting beliefs and releasing guilt, anger and resentment
2. Cleaning up your messes and incompleteness for more focused thinking
3. Using positive "self-talk" and a positive attitude of gratitude to achieve more
4· Transforming your inner critic into your inner coach
5· Dealing with negative people and situations and surrounding yourself with positive and successful people

Session 3
1· How to stay motivated and keep your team motivated for breakthrough results
2· Fueling your success with passion and inspiration for non-stop gains in every area
3· Identifying and using your giftedness and focusing on your strengths and core genius
4· Creating a compelling purpose and vision for yourself & your team to attract greater abundance
5· Setting powerful goals and objectives and unleashing the amazing power of visualization to successfully meet any goal faster and easier

Session 4
1· Using Affirmations to "Release the Brakes!" that are keeping you and your organization stuck and accelerate your results
2· Establishing an effective action planning and tracking system with clear strategies and tactics for high performance
3· The 4 new success habits that can change your life the fastest
4· Overcoming rejection and the fears that stop people from taking action
5· Taking action, asking and geting things done quickly to achieve great results

Session 5
1· Practicing "The Rule of 5" and creating powerful achievements
2· The single success discipline that can put you in the top 1% of your field
3· Asking for and responding to feedback to keep learning and getting better
4· Persevering in the face of any obstacles or road block
5· Practicing uncommon appreciation and having an attitude of gratitude
6· Reaping the rewards, acknowledging, affirming and celebrating each achievement in your success journey

Session 6
1· Using "The Daily Disciplines of the Secret Law of Attraction" for better results and organizational growth
2· Applying the 10-step Law of Attraction - success action system and visual tool to move you and your team to peak performance and organizational success
3· Life lessons in mastering the Secret Law of Attraction and The Success Principles

Target Participants
Business and Government Leaders, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Educators, Trainers, Counselors, Coaches, Consultants, HR, Finance, Sales & Marketing Professionals and Adults who wish to achieve peak performance and far greater heights of success in work and life.

Jack Canfield· Guinness Book of World Records - Most books on New York Times best-sellers with 60 best sellers and 11 that went to #1
· With 110 books and over 100 million copies in print in 46 languages
· The World's Leading Success Guru featured in The Secret
· Famous book titles - Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Success Principles, Key to Living the Law of Attraction, Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, Self Esteem and Peak Performance and The Success Principles for Teens
· The Success Principles is a top ranking book on success by amazon.com, the world's largest book supplier with a 5-star rating
· Has appeared in over 600 radio shows and 200 television shows including Oprah, 20/20, Inside Edition, The Today Show, Fox and Friends, CBS, NBC and CNN
· Founder and Chairman of Canfield Training Group and Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprise in Santa Barbara, California
· Clients include Sony Pictures, FedEx, GlaxoSmith-Kline, University of Michigan, Virgin Records, General Electrics, Siemens, Agilent Technologies and Accenture
30 April 2009, 830am to 5:00pm, Dusit Thani Manila

Register Now and Avail of these Bonus Gifts - Get 100% Return on Investment Immediately

Totally FREE! For the first 150 Participants:
· The Success Principles 30-day Audio Program - Asia Edition (worth PHP 7,000)
· One Full Scholarship to The Success Principles for Students to be conducted by Dr. Peter Chee on June 6 at Dusit Thani Hotel (worth PHP 13,600)

Fees and General Information
Early Bird Fee Registrations with payment before 24 April 2009 - PHP 17,000.00
Regular Fee After 24 April 2009 - PHP 19,000.00
***Above prices are subject to 12% VAT.
Group Registrations
Group of 5 or More - PHP 14,000.00 per pax
Group of 10 or More - PHP 13,000.00 per pax
***Above prices are subject to 12% VAT.

5th Work-Life Balance Workshop with Dr. Agnes Sarthou,

5th Work-Life Balance Workshop
with Dr. Agnes Sarthou,
facilitator of Stress Management and Organizational Development workshops
9am-5pm, May 22, 2009
Dusit Thani Manila

"Very good Workshop! Excellent facilitator!"
- Ms.Jenny Lopez Arciga, Isla Lipana & Co.
"I recommend this workshop to my colleagues! The whole session is very revitalizing - all things and thoughts are delivered very well. Aggie is very fantastic." - Rubina Del Rosario de Guzman, Hitachi GST Phils., Corp

Learn how to achieve the elusive "work-life" balance and reduce burn-out, stress, absenteeism, strained relationships, and health problems in your workforce and management team at our 5th Work-Life Balance Workshop on May 22, 2009 at the Dusit Thani Manila.
Sign up now and gain these 7 benefits just like our previous participants:
1. Find out how to reduce burn-out at work
2. Clarify one's life and career goals and priorities
3. Improve relationships by identifing major stress areas at home and at work
4. Learn how to promote high productivity and effectivity in the workplace
5. Discover principles, tools, and techniques on life-time management
6. Find out how to promote well-being at work and at home
7. Learn how to prepare a Personal Work-Life Balance Plan

Here are what our participants have to say about our Work-Life Balance Workshop:

"Ms. Aggie is simply EXCELLENT!"
- Estela Agojo Araullo, PLDT
"Good job! I enjoyed the seminar!" - Jenny Ocampo Morata, Team Sual Corporation

"The speaker's presentation is superb! Very good, truly inspiring. Please have more of these inspiring seminars!" - Ofelia Bisnar
"Topics are relevant both in the workplace and at home!" - Pamela Jean Delda, New City Commercial Corporation

"Dr. Agnes is awesome! I liked the exercises that made me evaluate myself." - Weena Christine Cortes, Sophie Martin Phils, Inc.

"I can now go on a vacation and not be guilty about leaving the office!" - Minerva Dimson, Adformatix, Inc.

"I will recommend this seminar to my colleagues to attend the next run." - Dunlee Ong Ramos, Mercury Group of Companies, Inc.

"Good job, very organized!" - Arleen Molinar, Sunpower Phils Manufacturing, Ltd.
"Aggie is so lively and has such mastery of the topic!" - Shyrel Zamora Morco, Magsaysay Maritime Corp

"Great topic & excellent speaker!" - Diana Victoria B. Collado, Risk Metrics Group (ISS Inc).

The workshop involves highly interactive exercises, structured learning, and games, so you can be sure that this is not just your ordinary sit-and-soak seminar, but rather an enjoyable, highly interactive event.

Please scroll down the invitation below and simply email or fax back the reservation form to slvguru@pldtdsl.net or 8132745.

Thanks and God bless!

Nicole Therese R. Guerzon

Project Manager - Work Life Balance Workshop

Salt and Light Ventures, Inc.


P.S. Sign up now and reduce stress, absenteeism, strained relationships, and employee burn-out. Save P2,000 when you register for our Early Bird Rate until April 20! For inquiries ask for Juliet or Fina at 8302191 or 8132732.

Workshop Overview

The Work-Life Balance Workshop is designed to equip you and your team with the know-how to effectively reduce stress and promote well-being. Dr. Agnes Sarthou and her experience for over 20 years with stress management and organizational development will guide you as you discover how to address the challenges of achieving the elusive "work-life balance".

The Program involves highly interactive methodologies such as structured learning exercises and games to maximize learning and fun. The Work-Life Balance Workshop provides for the development of a Personal Work-Life Balance Plan for each individual.

Workshop 1-day Curriculum

*Registration starts at 8am

Module 1: Work-Life Balance (WLB): Truth and Myths
Module 2: Assessing Your Current WLB Situation
Module 3: Setting Your Goals and Priorities
Module 4: What Truly Matters: Defining Your Priorities
Module 5: Response Management: Taking Full Responsibility for Actions &
Module 6: Life's 10-90 Principle
Module 7: Staying on Focus, Despite Interruptions
Module 8: Managing the Times of Your Life
Module 9: Strategies to Develop and Nurture Relationships at Home and at Work
Module 10: Developing a Work-Life Balance Plan

Workshop Design

The name workshop says it all. While our workshop is led by an engaging Salt and Light Ventures' facilitator, you'll soon realize this is not just your ordinary sit-and-soak event. You can be assured that it will be an informative, revealing, and fun program that you've ever participated in.

Who Should Attend?

* Leaders, managers, supervisors, directors, and executives, who give importance to employee satisfaction, high productivity, efficiency, and who need to teach, as well as model a work-life balance example to their team members.
* Trainers and HR professions who are responsible for implementing stress management and innovation programs within their organizations.
* Individuals who are:
*Overwhelmed by workload with extremely demanding customers,
colleagues, or superiors.
*Always lacking time for doing the things they want.
*Feeling guilty, since they are unable to attend to their spouse nor
children due to never-ending deadlines
*Increasingly exhausted at work with lack of energy to enjoy their family
and spouse.
*Intensely stressed because of conflicting demands at work and at
*"Out of balance", experiencing stress, fatigue, and relationship

Action Planning

Nothing is more important than transferring what you learn in the classroom back to own personal and work environment. That is why we purposely schedule time during the workshop for you to develop your own Work-Life Balance Plan and apply it to your work. Our Facilitator will walk you through the important steps so that you will be able to take advantage of your very own Work-Life Balance Plan.

Workshop Facilitator

Agnes "Aggie" Sarthou, Ph.D. brings with her a wealth of corporate and training experience on disciplines of management, organization visioning, strategic planning as well as skills on leadership, communication, people handling and values.

Dr. Sarthou's passion is to help individuals and organization maximize their potential both at the personal and professional levels through skills training. For over twenty years of training and consultancy experience, Dr. Sarthou continues to receive encores in her training programs as she inspires learning and application in various areas of personal effectiveness, organization development, management and leadership.

Dr Sarthou's expertise in training includes Organization Development, Organizational Visioning and Strategic Planning, Personal and Organizational Leadership, Communication/Assertion, Managing Change, Career Management, Stress Management. She has trained and consulted with dozens of multinational clients and has held managerial positions at the Bank of the Philippine Islands, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance. She has also lectured at the University of the Philippines, College of Economics.

Feedbacks from Dr Sarthou's clients are glowing and reflect the quality of her work and the charisma of her teaching style.

Rave Reviews for Dr. Agnes Sarthou:
"Aggie has great rapport with the audience. She encouraged everyone to participate!" - Chevy Gangoso, BPI
"Ms. Aggie is just amazing! She drives every point home. It hits sensitive strings of the heart. Time flies so fast with her!" - Ms. Mary Rechelle Guzman, Mary the Queen Academy of Pampanga

"Ms. Agnes is very inspiring. Her shared experiences drive the points she wants to make." - Ms. Anna Lorraine Gonzales, RiskMetrics Group - ISS Governance Services

"Very good facilitator!!!" - Ms. Anariza Marte, Ortigas and Company Limited Partnership
"Dr. Agnes Sarthou delivers her talks with clarity, wisdom, and depth of insight. Often, I would leave her seminars challenged or rebuked; inspired or reflective; but always encouraged and full of hope. For me, Aggie is part of a rare breed of brilliant speakers!" - Amyjay Riconalla, FOCIG

"Well done Aggie! Enjoyed it!" - Maricar M. Castillo, Q2 HR Solutions, Inc.

"Aggie delivers her message very well. Audience participation has been very encouraging as we're all hands-on during the activities." - Shakespeare Tan Ang, Gold Orchard Distribution

"She is so inspiring!" - Catherine Tabada, Wyeth Philippines

Training Investment
5th Work-Life Balance Workshop
9am-5pm, May 22, 2009
Dusit Thani Manila

Early Bird Rate: P8,997 + 12% VAT (until April 20, 2009)

Best Buy Rate: P9,997 + 12% VAT (until May 4, 2009)
Regular Rate: P10,997 + 12% VAT
Walk-in Rate: P11,997 + 12% VAT


April 23-24, 2009 | 9am-5pm | Dusit Thani Manila
Facilitated by Raju Mandhyan
"The best! Worth every peso - gained more than what I paid for!" ~Ms. Michelle Marquez-Lachica, dB Wizards, Inc.

"Discover the one skill that makes a corporate executive stand out, succeed and bring about positive change in the community."

"Save P1,000 when you sign up for our Best Buy Rate until April 3, 2009 only!

Dear Tony,

Enhance your speaking power through Mind Mapping™ on April 23-24, 2009 at the Dusit Thani Manila! Facilitated by Raju Mandhyan, this 2-day transformational workshop will help you learn the art of the craft on how to transfer information and knowledge with clarity, to persuade effectively and to inspire with wit and eloquence.

Here are our rave reviews from our previous participants:

"Very good workshop!"
~Mr. Alberto Victoria, Alabang New Life

"I'm going to propose this workshop to my organization!"
~Ms. Marites Curitana, ICT Marketing Services, Inc.

"Learning Mind Mapping in this workshop is most valuable to me!"
~Gov. Jose Antonio Leviste II, Provincial Government of Batangas

9 Reasons you should send your team to this highly interactive and intensive workshop:

1. Discover and master the principles of Mind Mapping.

2. Learn to analyze needs and characteristics to develop deep rapport and scintillate audiences.

3. Learn to be a clear, concise and a compelling speaker.

4. Learn to research, write and prepare an extremely effective presentation or speech.

5. Learn how to overcome all self-doubt, stress, and fear and to make your personality work for you.

6. Find out how to use humor, analogies, metaphors and rhetoric to impart in-depth understanding.

7. Discover and understand audience-learning dynamics to establish deep rapport at all levels.

8. Learn how to deliver presentations and speeches with ease, distinct flair, and absolute effectiveness.

9. Learn to consistently be able to face cameras and audiences and deliver excellent extempore or prepared speeches.

Through the Power Speaking Skills through Mind Mapping workshop, you will learn how to be a clear, concise and a compelling speaker using Mind Mapping principles to analyze needs and characteristics. Mind Mapping™ is a whole-brain tool that helps you organize thoughts and material.

Reserve now and learn the skills to become a successful power speaker!
Please scroll down the invitation below and simply email the reservation form at slvguru@pldtdsl.net or nicole@saltandlight.ph. You may also fax us the accomplished form at 8132745.

Thanks and God bless!

Nicole R. Guerzon
Project Manager - 2nd Power Speaking Skills through Mind Mapping
Salt and Light Ventures, Inc.

P.S. Save P1,000 off our regular rate when you sign up for our Best Buy Rate until April 3 only! Join now to discover the skills of Power Speaking and how to become a Power Speaker through the principles of Mind Mapping™! Call 8302191 or email your reservation now!
8 Modules that will show you the way to become a Power Speaker!
1. Definition and differences between presentations that are either informative or persuasive.

2. Audience analysis and Mind Mapping™ techniques for designing and crafting presentations.

3. Writing, creating and practicing material that is time-bound, value-packed and precise.

4. Weaving in your own personality, your style to increase impact and rapport in speaker-audience dynamics.

5. Use and importance of eye contact, gestures and body language to maximize presentation impact.

6. Use visual aids and props as support and not as crutches in delivery.

7. Deliver presentations using Mind Maps that will have audiences buy into every word.

8. Self-evaluation and consistent positive feed-backing methods that lead to self-mastery.
Approach and Methodology
This workshop is highly intensive and interactive. It has 75% structured learning activities with feedback and only 25% lecture and group discussions. In effect you learn by doing not just by listening and watching.
Who should attend?
Senior to upper level managers, team leaders, and executives who have had some experience and who want to excel in presenting with ease, effectiveness, confidence, and style.
About Your Facilitator: Raju Mandhyan
A charming speaker, Raju Mandhyan is an entertainer and a storyteller. He weaves his spiel with threads of uncommon wisdom and depth that is appropriate to the 21st century corporate world. His talent lies not in telling you things that are right & useful but helping you find your own truths and apply them. His academic background is engineering, entrepreneurship & economics, but his passion lies in empowering people.

* Coached for the British Council on communications skills.
* Advanced Toastmaster Gold
* Freelance faculty, American Management Association
* Buzan Licensed Instructor for Mind Mapping
* District 75, Toastmasters, Champion Speech Evaluator, 2005

Rave Reviews for Raju Mandhyan:

"Raju opens up a treasure trove fuelled with powerful tactics for anyone wanting to excel in public speaking." - J.T. Zhang & Co. Inc.

"In the years that I have known Raju, he has traversed uncharted waters in bounds & leaps. If there is worthy of teaching advanced thinking skills then that person is Raju." - Michelle Lim, SGV, Philippines

"Raju's mentoring skills brought out the Champion in me!" - Jess Liwanag, ABS CBN/CNN, National Public Speaking Champion, 2002, Philippines' Toastmasters
More Rave Reviews about the Workshop
"Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!" - Anil Saigal, Flying Tigers, New York

"I didn't know there was so much more I could do with my own style until now!" - Ryan Barreto, Orange Telecom, India

"Free yourself from anxiety, Mind Mapping is the key to deliver speeches confidently!" - Thea Sordan, Reedly International School
Training Investment
The 2nd Power Speaking Skills using Mind Mapping
9am-5pm, April 23-24, 2009
Dusit Thani Manila

Best Buy Rate is at P11,977 + 12% Vat when you sign up before April 3, 2009

Regular rate is at P12,977 + 12% Vat

Inclusive of: Your Buzan Brain Kit, Workshop attendance, Workbook, Lunch and 2 snacks per day

Strategic Thinking and Visioning Workshop

Dusit Thani Manila
9am-5pm, May 19-20, 2009

Attend our 2-day Strategic Thinking and Visioning Workshop with Dr. Agnes Sarthou and discover how to confidently set the vision, plans, goals in motion for your organization! "

Don't miss out on this must-attend training! Whether you're new about Mind Mapping or are already using this amazing brain tool our Strategic Thinking and Visioning Workshop will help you in these 7 Ways:

1. Set the vision for your team and organization.
2. Create a clear picture of your future in a page.
3. Develop creative solutions and strategies for your team and organization.
4. Brainstorm better and faster through the Bloom™ techniques and generate 10x more
creative ideas.
5. Vision, set personal goals and strategies 4x faster.
6. Set priorities with ease.
7. Prepare better for presentations, meetings and briefings with confidence and less
stress - and much more!

Join companies like San Miguel, Universal Robina Corporation, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers, TNS Philippines, and Sun Life of Canada who have signed up for our previous Strategic Thinking and Visioning workshop!

Rave Reviews from our last Jan 20-21 workshop:
"It encouraged me to focus, think big, and harness my right brain capacity!"
-Ms. Pamela Valenzuela, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"Good activities! There were personal and corporate applications of Mind Mapping."
-Ruel Rosal, TNS Philippines

"It was fun and exciting as well as the speaker! I've gained lots of key points - applicable to my company."
Ms. Josephine A. Buan, First Innovi Corporation

Here's what leading strategic thinkers like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Alan Matcham of Oracle, and Dr. Mike Stanley of Boeing say about Mind Mapping:

"Most of us now live in an 'information democracy'.... But while we've gone a long way toward optimizing how we use information, we haven't yet done the same for knowledge.... But as software gets smarter about how people think and work, it's starting to help them synthesize and manage knowledge, too... new generation of "mind-mapping" software can also be used as a digital "blank slate" to help connect and synthesize ideas and data-and ultimately create new knowledge.""
- Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

"We are a complicated business so Mind Maps help - I could not manage the complexity of my work without Mind Maps. I have often used Mind Maps to deal with the complexities of how we should move forward. Frankly, they are invaluable."
- Alan Matcham, Director of Oracle

"The use of Mind Mapping is an integral part of my quality improvement project here at Boeing. This has provided savings of over $10M this year for my organisation (10 times our goal)"

Mind Maps ~

help give order and control to ideas and thoughts:Al Gore MM
Al Gore, the former US Vice President, is counted amongst those who use Mind Mapping guidelines to support them in their disciplines. The May/June 07 issue of Time Magazine, which features Al Gore on the cover, includes a feature article with a photograph of Al Gore with his project Mind Map in front of him. The article points out that he uses Mind Mapping to help him keep control of his thoughts and that he used Mind Mapping software when working on his recent book.
Oprah Sept 2008

help solve tough problems:
The Mind Mapping tool, has also been featured in Oprah's Magazine, O, September 2008 issue. The article, entitled, "The Mind Map: Six Steps to Get Your Creativity Flowing" says to "forget making a list... make a mind map instead. Lists often come from the organized, analytical left side of your brain, and to solve an intractable problem, you want to engage the right, the creative side."

Join us at Dusit Thani Manila, 9am-5pm for our Strategic Thinking and Visioning Workshop. Our licensed Buzan facilitator, Dr. Agnes Sarthou will help you discover Mind Mapping - a breakthrough thinking tool and approach to unleash the creative genius in you that enable you to become a strategic thinker!

See you there!
Ardy Roberto
Chief Encouragement Officer
Salt and Light Ventures, Inc.

P.s. Register now! Email back the form to us at slvguru@pldtdsl.net or fax it to 8132745. For inquiries call us at 8132732 or 03 and we will be happy to assist you.
Mind Map... what?

A Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain.

In short, a Mind Map gives you the freedom to roam the infinite expanses of your brain. It can be applied to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance.

Originated in 1970 by Tony Buzan, Mind Maps are now used by millions of people around the world - from the very young to the very old - wherever they wish to use their brains more effectively.

Similarly to a road map, a Mind Map will:
~Give you an overview of a large subject or area
~Enable you to plan routes or make choices and let you know where you are going and where you have been
~Gather and hold large amounts of data
~Encourage problem solving by seeing new creative pathways
~Enable you to be extremely efficient.
~Be enjoyable to look at, read or muse over and remember
~Attract and hold the eye or brain

Mind Maps will enable you not only to survive, but to think big - seeing beyond the fog of mundane details to a shining vision of where you and your business is heading. With clarity of one's vision, you can confidently plot and navigate your course with a better capacity to reach your goal. Mind Maps will enable you to move faster towards your desired future!

In today's economy, it is vital for every organization to invest in their intellectual capital. Sign up now and give your team the operations manual of the brain. Unleash you brain's full potential and creative genius and see how it will change and affect your organization!
Who Should Attend

~Leaders, managers, supervisors, directors, executives, and teams who give importance to organizational development and completion of goals and finding solutions.

~Trainers and HR professions who are responsible for implementing innovation, creativity and leadership programs within their organizations.
Aggie edsashang Featured Buzan Licensed Facilitator for the Mind Mapping: Strategic Thinking and Visioning using Mind Mapping workshop

Dr. Sarthou was trained and licensed on Mind Mapping by Buzan Centre Asia in Singapore. Equipped with breakthrough technology, she combines the disciplines of management and creative skills to unleash your potential.

In this 2-day Transformational Mind Mapping Workshop, Dr. Sarthou enables participants to:
1. manage their workload,
2. brainstorm better and create a multitude of original ideas,
3. plan high impact presentations and
4. solve the toughest of business dilemmas and more
all, through the help of Mind Maps.

Further, she demonstrates how Mind Maps serve as a powerful tool for visioning at the personal, team and organizational levels.

Rave Reviews and Testimonials for Dr. Agnes Sarthou

"Dr. Agnes Sarthou delivers her talks with clarity, wisdom, and depth of insight. Often, I would leave her seminars challenged or rebuked; inspired or reflective; but always encouraged and full of hope. For me, Aggie is part of a rare breed of brilliant speakers!" - Amyjay Riconalla, FOCIG

"She is very approachable and very willing to share what she knows to the group."
-Anabelle Coro, San Miguel Super Coffeemix Co., Inc.

"Well done Aggie! Enjoyed it!" - Maricar M. Castillo, Q2 HR Solutions, Inc.

"Aggie delivers her message very well. Audience participation has been very encouraging as we're all hands-on during some of the activities." - Shakespeare Tan Ang, Gold Orchard Distribution, Inc.

"Aggie has great rapport with the audience. She encouraged everyone to participate!" - Chevy Gangoso, BPI

"She is so inspiring!" - Catherine Tabada, Wyeth Philippines
Buzan with mindmap background Who is Tony Buzan?

Tony Buzan is the creator of the Mind Mapping thinking technique. Mind Maps, a learning technique described as 'The Swiss Army Knife of the Brain,' is used by over 250 million people worldwide including officials and staff in the Singaporean Government and School System and executives in Oracle, Microsoft, Con Edison and Boeing.

Tony Buzan is also the co-founder of the Mind Sports Olympiad and originator of the Mental Literacy concept.

Most of his teaching generally divides up into general awareness of the extensive capabilities and capacities of the brain and its functions, memory skills, reading skills, mind map note-taking, creativity, and how brain functions can be improved over time.

To date, Tony Buzan has written over 90 books and many best sellers including Mind Maps at Work: How to Be the Best at Your Job and Still Have Time to Play, The Power of Creative Intelligence, The Brainsmart Leader, and The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential.

Imagine the transformation it could do for your career, business, and life! Harness the power of creativity and the ability of conceptualizing innovative ideas for your organization.

Strategic Thinking and Visioning using Mind Mapping™ is a workshop designed to help you unleash your brain's full potential.
Training Investment

Strategic Thinking and Visioning Workshop
9am-5pm, May 19-20, 2009
Dusit Thani Manila

Early Bird Rate (up to April 17, 2009) is at P10,977 + 12% Vat

Best Buy Rate (up to April 3, 2009) is at P11,977 + 12% Vat

Regular rate is at P12,977 + 12% Vat

Inclusive of: Your Buzan Brain Kit
* Workshop attendance
* Workbook
* Certificate of completion
* Lunch and 2 snacks per day